2018-2019 Lance Corporal Dale W. Means Scholarship

Lance Corporal Dale W. Means Scholarship

Two-Eagles Detachment (#842)

Marine Corps League


PURPOSE: To grant scholarships to qualified applicants who are pursuing higher education in a college, junior college, technical college/school or vocational training program. Scholarships may be awarded for a maximum of four (04) years. This can be consecutive or non-consecutive years, however, the applicant needs to apply each calendar year. The applicant must also already be enrolled and accepted at the time of application.

AMOUNT: There will be five (5) recipients selected and each will be awarded a One-Thousand dollar ($1,000.00) scholarship.


  1. Spouses, Children, Grand Children, Step-Children and 1st generation Aunts and Uncles of a Marine or Navy Corpsman/Chaplain that served with a FMF Marine Unit.
  2. Children of a Marine or Navy Corpsman/Chaplin (that served with a FMF Marine unit) who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
  3. Honorably discharged Marines/Navy Corpsman/Chaplain (that served with a FMF Marine unit) in need of rehabilitation training not provided by government programs.
  4. Accepted discharges are Honorable and/or a General Discharge under honorable conditions.
  5. All applicants must be legal residents of the state of Minnesota.

NEW APPLICANT: The applicant has never been awarded a Marine Corps League Scholarship from this detachment or any other MCL detachment or from the national MCL.

RENEWAL APPLICANT: The applicant is a prior recipient of a Marine Corps League Scholarship from this detachment or any other MCL detachment, department or from the national MCL. (No more than three (03) previous awards).


  1. Complete and sign the application for the scholarship.
  2. Provide two (02) letters of recommendation from non-relatives (Teacher, etc)
  3. Provide current official copies of High School or College transcripts or GED.
  4. Provide a copy of the Marine and/or Corpsman/Chaplain Form DD214 (Discharge form).
  5. Applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher or certification of GED.

All parts of the application MUST be completed. Any applications that are incomplete, for any reason, will not be considered nor will they be returned for completion.


  1. All applications MUST be received by the date designated.
  2. The Scholarship Committee will strictly observe eligibility requirements and compliance.
  3. All decisions by the Scholarship Committee are final and will not be subject to review.
  4. The applicant/s that are approved will be notified by email or regular mail (if no email address is provided) within two weeks of the committee making its decision.
  5. The Scholarship winner will receive the following:
    1. A scholarship certificate/letter will be presented to the winner.
    2. At the discretion of the scholarship committee the winner will either be presented a check in the amount of the scholarship or the funds will be deposited in the institution’s account to be applied toward the student’s tuition.
  6. The scholarship winner will be recognized at a MCL function or another venue. This will be determined by the scholarship committee.

Dale W. Means Scholarship Application Packet