CP: Command Post

Detachment Board-of-Trustees/Officers

Each detachment has a Board-of-Trustees elected to manage the detachment affairs. The positions forming the Board-of-Trustees must be elected by the detachment from Regular members (though each detachment may have more elected, only these form the Board-of-Trustees):

The detachment Adjutant and Paymaster serve as non-voting consultants to the Board-of-Trustees.

Additionally, the following positions are also part of the detachment Officers, and represent a mixture of elected and non-elected positions:

Please contact these officers with any questions related to their area of responsibility, membership or the detachment or league in general.

Two-Eagles Detachment Officers

Position Photo Name/Contact Responsibilities
Commandant King Cole
The Commandant is the Chief Executive Officer of a detachment. This is the key leadership position that sets the tone and character for the entire detachment, and is critical to the success of the detachment. This person projects a positive image both in the detachment and as the detachment’s public face. The Commandant is the primary contact for all external entities, including; media, government agencies, private organizations to name a few.
Senior Vice-Commandant Rex Carlton
The Senior Vice Commandant is the primary assistant to the Commandant. This position actively and proactively works to implement the Commandant’s vision, as approved by the Board-of-Trustees. In our detachment, the Senior Vice-Commandant serves as the de-facto Chair of the Fundraising Committee.
Junior Vice-Commandant Jason Funk
The Junior Vice-Commandant has primary responsibility for recruiting new members and retaining existing members. As such, this position is responsible for initiating and supporting programs, events and efforts to attract new members. In this capacity, the Junior vice Commandant also Chairs the Recruiting/Growth Committee.
Judge Advocate Dave DeRee
The Judge Advocate is the keeper, protector and counselor regarding laws, bylaws, policies, and procedures in the detachment. It is the responsibility of the Judge Advocate to ensure the detachment is in compliance with all laws, bylaws, policies and procedures, and to interpret them as needed. This position has the obligation to suggest meaningful changes as well. The Judge Advocate Chairs the Bylaws Committee.
Junior Past Commandant Pete Williams
This is the person most recently vacating the office of Commandant before the current Commandant. They are a counselor to the current commandant and Board of Trustees. Junior Past Commandants are essential to the continuity and smooth transition of a detachment. In our detachment they also assist with Recruiting, act as the Veterans Information Officer and serve as the Chair of the Outreach Committee.
Paymaster John Murray
The Paymaster is the detachment’s Chief Financial Officer. they serve as the detachment Treasurer and is responsible for all financial record-keeping and reporting activity. They are responsible for all IRS filings, account transactions, and to assist on audits. They are responsible for the collection of member dues and the transmittal of National and Department funds. This position is the Chair of our Finance Committee.
Adjutant Chris Brandt
The Adjutant serves as the Corporate Secretary for the detachment. They record all meeting minutes and publish the minutes and agendas as mandated in the bylaws or directed by the Commandant. They maintain the Detachment calendar and handle detachment correspondence. They maintain all detachment records, excluding the personal files of the Officer positions.
Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Norling
The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for setting-up and maintaining order at meetings. They are the official greeter for guests and visitors and certify that those in attendance at Business meetings are qualified. This position reports directly to the Commandant and is responsible for carrying-out long-term and immediate direction of the Commandant. This person, in conjunction with the Commandant, is responsible for maintaining order during meetings, ensuring there is no extraneous conversations or activities. In our detachment, this person is also responsible for the detachment property.
Chaplain Steve Grossoehme
The Chaplain is our point-person in providing care, support, aid and comfort to Marines and their families in need. They provide invocations and services as required or called-upon. The Chaplain is charged with visiting sick or incapacitated members or their families. They are responsible to abide by mandated ritual and provide notification to National and Department relative to deceased members. Generally, they perform all duties of a spiritual nature.
Web Sergeant Ken Williams
The Web Sergeant is responsible for ‘electronic presence’ of a detachment on the web or internet. This includes maintaining the detachment web site, facebook page or other electronic detachment material. They are also responsible for recommending revisions and ensuring those items approved by the Board are implemented.